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You need to quickly screen 20 formulations to guide your development? Or you need to make heart-shape tri-layer tablets to please your marketing? We bring our expertise to smooth your development.


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Our team of scientists has been helping customers through collaboration on tableting projects for more than 20 years. Our mission and passion are problem solving and helping accelerate your product development. We offer a team of experienced formulators and a laboratory equipped with the latest tableting technology to provide you services from early API characterization to formulation development, all the way to production optimization.

All we need from you is a few grams of powder to generate data and suggestions to help with your decision making.


Powder, Powder everywhere

For the last 115 years tablets have been produced in all shapes, weights and sizes. Compressed powder can be found everywhere in your life


Food & Confectionary


Chemistry & Detergent

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Whatever your puzzle, we’ll solve it

Understanding your APIs & Excipients is essential to design robust formulations and production processes. Our science lab is here to help you generate data and interpret results from simple compactibility profiles to in-depth porosity, radial stress and elastic recovery analysis.

We can guide you in your R&D, even with a few grams of powder. Whether you need to characterize APIs to pursue your product development or you need to approve a new excipient supplier, get in touch with our science lab to discuss your needs!

This is now the time to define appropriate process parameters for your industrial-scale rotary tablet press. Testing the robustness of your formulation is critical before moving to production.

Will your formulation withstand high compression speed? Will you be facing capping or lamination? What will be your maximum production output? What pre-compression level do you need? Is the upper punch penetration a critical process parameter? Thanks to the STYL’One Evo rotary press mimicking capabilities, our science lab is here to help you make the most of your tablet press without compromising tablet characteristics. Get in touch with our science lab to mitigate your scale-up risk and save money!

The production of small batches for stability studies or analytical method development can be a challenge with a time-consuming and not cost-effective process for R&D. In addition, dealing with mini-tablets, multi-layer, tab-in-tab or even the creativity of your marketing department can be a headache for you.

Let us help you! Our science lab can manufacture those small tablet batches for you thanks to the STYL’One Evo equipped with the GMP production module (weight regulation, forced feeding, batch records) … while your production tablet press is still running and making money. Get in touch with our science lab to outsource your technical batch production!

Designing a robust formulation is not that easy and requires in-depth knowledge on powder behavior. Is your formulation sensitive to compression speed?

Is your lubricant level high enough to reduce ejection stress and low enough to prevent compromising your tablet strength? Is your tooling optimum for your formulation? Do you need to analyse tabletabilty, compactibility, compressibility ? Those are only a few tests that our science lab can quickly perform for you thanks to our STYL’One Evo compaction simulator. Get in touch with us to define your experimental protocol!

Sticking, capping, lamination and loss of tablet strength are common defects occurring in tablet production. Adjusting process parameters (speed, punch distance, pre-compression ratio) on industrial tablet presses can be challenging and might require a great number of iterations to succeed.

Besides saving cost on material, production time should not be overlooked. By mimicking large rotary tablet presses with our STYL’One Evo, our scientists can replicate the defects at lab scale, thus opening a way to look at root causes and solve your production problems. Your formulation doesn’t behave as seen at lab scale? You experience a high rate of rejected tablets or tablet defects? Get in touch with our science lab to figure out what happens and how to fix it!

Our tableting experts regularly organize training sessions for the new generation of scientists but also for experienced formulators who want to stay up-to-date on tableting innovation.

Learn the physics of compaction and discover new technologies that you could use in your lab to speed up your product development, support your scale-up team and solve production problems. Get in touch with our experts to enhance your compaction skills!


Everything your marketing has always dreamt of

All forms of tablets can be processed on our instruments from the simplest single layer to the most complex multilayer with tab in tab.

Any type of punches and die can be fitted on our tablet press from Euro and TSM to Oversized or core rods.


Precision equipment leverages the brain

The MEDELPHARM Science Lab is equipped with the most powerful tableting instruments available on the market. Those fully instrumented single punch presses are a must when it comes to spare expensive raw materials or when extensive data analysis is required.

Check out some of our capabilities that you may need!


Even a great theory needs cost-effective

For the last 115 years tablets have been produced in all shapes, weights and sizes and can be found everywhere in your life. Production of tablets can still catch you off-guard and relevant studies are here to limit the surprises.

We are helping customers in formulation optimization, tablet defects troubleshooting, lubrication process determination, wet and dry granulation process assessment and finding containment solutions responding to your individual requirements.

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Capping solving.

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Using STYL’One to mimick Roller Compactors.

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Support of DOE including wet granulation process. Study of tablet properties on different granules produced by wet granulation at partner laboratories.

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