Tableting instruments that mimic high-speed production presses can be used in a QbD approach to perform in depth material characterization, robust formulation development and easy scale-up.


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MEDELPHARM stands for a symbiosis of intimate understanding of powder tableting behavior and innovative tableting technologies that provide knowledge required by the industry. Thanks to the knowledge of production processes, formulators’ needs and technology, MEDELPHARM keeps creating new generations of tableting instruments to expand possibilities for all scientists.


Powder, Powder everywhere

For the last 115 years, tablets have been produced in all shapes, sizes and can be found everywhere in your life:


Food & Confectionary


Chemistry & Detergent

Batteries & Catalyst

Explosive & Nuclear

MySTYL’One Community

Excellent tableting equipment embedded in a unique communication network

A real bonus for all the users of STYL’One, STYLCAM, Alix and Analis softwares: a dedicated access to a wide compression research community. Academics and industrials, all specialized on compression cooperate through mySTYL’One to improve their productivity and complete their knowledge and STYL’One experience.

  • The global community has access to dedicated publications of interest, but also events and other news.
  • The connected universities and the MEDELPHARM team are also keen on sharing information.
  • Customer can manage confidentially their installed base of equipment, download technical documentation and latest calibration.
  • They have also immediate access to direct sales information, new accessories and developments.


Powder ON and get the most of your formulation

The experience and usage of a research presses is directly enhanced by the adequate training of the operator and formulator.

Should you have recently acquired a STYL’One or integrated new operators in your team, our team of pharmaceutical scientist with be happy to share their in depth knowledge of the hardware and software.
Acquisition of new accessories like multilayer and roll compaction are also a good opportunity to update your knowledge of the equipment and of these more advanced accessories.
Electro-mechanical presses are known for their durability, however we still recommend a regular service.
Your yearly calibration and preventive maintenance is being performed by our qualified service engineers. That is also the time to verify that the latest version of the software is installed on your STYL’One press.


Encourage the progress of science

We believe in a broad sharing of research and publications. We encourage our users to exchange best practices through our user group and forums like mySTYL’One

We value the work done by university professors, PhD and graduate students and we are convinced our customers, being compaction experts in their own field, do the same. Please enjoy reading this choice of posters and publications on various subjects which we find particularly interesting.

A Mathematical Approach to Consider Solid Compressibility in the Compression of Pharmaceutical Powders Breaking pharmaceutical tablets with a hole: Reevaluation of the stress concentration factor and influence of the hole size Calibration and interpretation of DEM parameters for simulations of cylindrical tablets with multi-sphere approach Comparative study between Drucker-Prager/Cap and modified Cam-Clay models for the numerical simulation of die compaction of pharmaceutical powders Comparison of breaking tests for the characterization of the interfacial strength of bilayer tablets Development of a new test for the easy characterization of the adhesion at the interface of bilayer tablets: Proof-of-concept study by experimental design Effect of friction between powder and tooling on the die-wall pressure evolution during tableting: Experimental and numerical results for flat and concave punches Effect of the Curvature of the Punches on the Shape of the Interface and the Delamination Tendency of Bilayer Tablets< Evolution of the Die-Wall Pressure during the Compression of Biconvex Tablets: Experimental Results and Comparison with FEM Simulation FEM simulation of the die compaction of pharmaceutical products: Influence of visco-elastic phenomena and comparison with experiments Influence of the Punch Speed on the Die Wall/Powder Kinematic Friction During Tableting On the links between elastic constants and effective elastic behavior of pharmaceutical compacts: importance of poisson's ratio and use of bulk modulus Quantitative evaluation of different rotary tablet presses by compaction velocity based on compaction simulation study Role of the elasticity of pharmaceutical materials on the interfacial mechanical strength of bilayer tablets Evolution of the Die-Wall Pressure during the Compression of Biconvex Tablets: Experimental Results and Comparison with FEM Simulation Hybrid modeling of roll compaction processes with the Styl'One Evolution: Granule size distribution Use of roller compaction and fines recycling process in the preparation of erlotinib hydrochloride tablets Estimation of nip angle by roll compaction simulation Studying the feeding system impact on tablet properties using STYL'One Tablet-in-cup drug delivery device Drug release modification by tablet geometry


We are stronger together

All these are attributes which can be best found when cooperating and communicating with Universities and Research centers. MEDELPHARM has chosen to put universities’ relation at the heart of its strategy with partnership all over the world.

  • Prof. Marie-Claire Venier
  • Prof. Dr. Karl Wagner
  • Prof. Cyrille Andres
  • Prof. Dr. Johannes Khinast & Scientific Director
  • Dr. Michaela Schulz-Siegmund
  • Prof. Dr. Jürgen Siepmann
  • Prof. Stephen Hoag
  • Ian Soulairol
  • Prof. Ruggero Bettini
  • Assoc. Prof. Heng Wan Sia Paul Ph.D., B.Sc. (Pharm)(Hons)
  • Dr. Maxim Puchkov
  • Prof. Pierre Tchoreloff, Vincent Mazel
  • Prof. Dr. Arno Kwade, Dr. Jan-Henrik Finke
  • Prof. Dr. Peter Kleinebudde
  • Matt Roberts BSc, PhD, MRSC, FHEA
  • Stéphanie Briançon
  • Dr. Changquan Calvin Sun
  • Prof. Dr. Özalp, Yildiz
  • Prof. Tang Xing
  • Prof. Eun-Seok Park


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