STYL’One Evo

STYL’One Evo, the most versatile single-punch tableting press for R&D, scale-up and production support. The all-purpose multilayer instrument for formulation development and early API characterization to scale-up at production speed which only needs a few grams of powder.

  • Force, displacement and radial measurements
  • Force mode for cost-saving on API characterization
  • Manual, advanced gravity and force feeding options
  • Innovative feed shoes for mini-tablets or tab-in-tab
  • Replication of all types of rotary tablet presses
  • Roll compaction mimicking for ultimate material sparing


STYL’One Nano the revolutionary benchtop R&D tablet press for API characterization and formulation development which only needs a few grams of powder.

  • Force and displacement measurements
  • Force mode for cost-saving on API characterization
  • Manual, advanced gravity and innovative force feeding options for minitablets
  • R&D compression profiles (V-shape, extended dwell time, pre- and main compression)

Radial Pressure

Standard compaction studies are made by analysis of the vertical forces on upper and lower punches. It is however well known that applying a vertical strain on the powder will induce vertical and horizontal stresses.

Extensive material characterization can be performed on STYL’One™ Evo by installing an instrumented die to measure the die-wall pressure. Maximum Die wall Pressure (MDP) and Residual Die wall Pressure (RDP), before ejection, are commonly used parameters in the industry. The instrumented die is a powerful tool to understand and predic tablet defects.


Gas pycnometry is recognized as one of the most reliable techniques for obtaining true density. This technique is non-destructive as it uses Helium displacement method to measure volume.

Our Science Lab can measure the true density with the Micromeritics Accupyc II 1360, enabling porosity analysis and solid fraction determination during material characterization or roller compaction study.

Semi-Automatic Tablet Tester

A SOTAX SmartTest 50 measures tablet weight, thickness, diameter, width and tablet breaking force (hardness). Data are automatically transferred to the Analysis Software of STYL’One instruments

Ancillary Equipment

  • Turbula mixer
  • Friability tester
  • Disintegration apparatus

External Lubrication

Our tablet presses are equipped with a dispensing system to allow automatic external lubrication of punches and dies and avoid die sticking/ tightening without adding lubricant in the formulation. Thanks to this capability, our Science Lab can quickly assess the feasibility of external lubrication versus internal lubrication.

GMP Module

GMP Production Module comes with weight regulation system, the exact same way industrial rotary presses work. After entering a force setpoint, a regulation band and ejection band, STYL’One™ will automaticale the depth of fill in order to keep the compression force within the regulation band.

Environment Control

Our lab environment is controlled in temperature and humidity, we are able to lower hygrometry for specific needs like effervescent tablets.

Milling and sifting with Quadro SLS

Our Science Lab is equipped with a multi-head Quadro SLS offering five milling and processing solutions. The SLS gives the reassurance that particle sizes and distributions achieved in the lab can be directly transferred to the production-scale equipment. Get in touch with us to explore milling process!

Small volume Caleva Mini Coater

The Caleva mini coater is designed for very small batches down to single tablet coating, a plus for material sparing and testing.