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ANALIS Multilayer and tab-in-tab module extend the possibilities of your STYL'One press.

Only available when used in conjunction with a STYL'One R&D Press, the ANALIS multilayer module can help you test and design your multilayer tablets.

Layers can be filled by hand or using any of the feed shoes like gravity or paddle. The smart vacuum system prevents cross contamination between the layers. Up to 5 layers tablets can be created, with tamping between each layer to ensure constant fill.

A multilayer wizard saves time and powder.
Using the wizard helps setting up the parameters using only one tablet per layer and minimizing the powder consumption to create rapidly small batches of multilayered tablets. The fast final compression allows you to test the layer adhesion.


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Analis Advanced 1Video Multilayer

Easy to use Tab-in-Tab

Testing dry coating at lab scale is now available in an unprecedented ease of use.

Of course you can manually place your cores but just install the special "kernel feeder" and create small batches of dry coated tablets.

You have the choice between multiple tests like comparisons on different format behavior, capping tendencies or kernels' resistance to compression, sensitivity to centering, to only name a few.