Tablet press instrumentation.

All modern presses are instrumented either for compress control or data analysis. 

MEDELPHARM is able to accompany you in this field providing:

  • instrumentation services on your press
  • data acquisition and analysis software
  • calibration tools and services


In addition our experts can train you and teach you how to interpret those data accurately.

Calibration 1Calibration 2Calibration 3Calibration 4

Give a second life to your excentric press

The old single station presses are famous for their rigidity and sturdiness.  They are also accessible and fairly easy to instrument.
An advanced package like ANALIS can give a second life to your press and let you fully exploit the data it can produce.


MEDELPHARM ensures the yearly calibration of your system to guarantee the accuracy of your measurement.  We can also provide you with some calibration tools and protocols as well as transmit our experience should you wish to do the calibration yourself.