ANALIS Advanced module solution: automatize your R&D and create the compression cycle you have always been dreaming of.

Only available in conjunction with a STYL'One R&D Press ANALIS advance module, can fully automatize your experiments creating batches at different pre-defined values. You simply define your design space and let ANALIS acquire data for you and concentrate on the interpretation. You have the first "tableting research robot in front of you".


The other key feature of the advanced module is to allow you to design your compression curve as you wish. If you wish to use a compression profile other than the pre-defined ones (f.e. production press simulation or specific R&D profiles), then the Advanced module allows you to design compression experiments as you want them: The sky is the limit.


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Analis Advanced 1Analis Advanced 2Analis Advanced 4

Multi-layer in a wink

The multi-layer option allows you to fill, dose and tamp up to 5 layers with 3 API's. The fast final compression allows you to test the layer adhesion. Setting up the parameters uses only one tablet per layer by minimizing the powder consumption to create rapidly small batches of multilayered tablets.

You can choose between paddle-and/ or gravity feed shoe systems.