Medelpharm Styl'One Evolution


The only press you will ever need from early formulation characterisation of API to high speed multilayered formulation scale-up.

This versatile machine is built upon the flexibility and multilayer capacity of the classic STYL'One and the speed and simulation function of the STYLCAM.


Fully instrumented the STYL'One Evolution is a real R&D "tableting robot" which can automatically explore the design space and analyze your formula with utmost efficiency. 
The standard ANALIS software package comes with the Advanced Software Module to ensure a rapid performance of in-depth studies.


Easy to operate , this tablet press benefits from very fast volume reduction and a displacement of both punches at high speed which allows:

  • Production of tablets equivalent to those being made in production at a speed of up to 300.000 tab/h and more.
  • Simulation and analysis of production of all the major industrial presses.
  • Simulation and analysis of non-conventional production presses like the IMA Comprima

With the STYL'One Evolution you will no longer have doubts about the quality of your industrial transposition. Its production package including weight regulation is able to perform the manufacturing of clinical batches as true prototypes of final productions batches.

Stearate spray, tab in tab and multilayer which can be acquired optional round up this comprehensive package.


Have a look STYL’One Evolution Ease of Use video

Styl'One Evolution 1Styl'One Evolution 2Styl'One Evolution 3 Styl'One Evolution 4

Unique benefits in powder characterization

Standard EU & lP format and non standard tools (max tablet 40mm diam, 32mm fìll). Good/Bad tablet sorter; paddle-, gravity or hand feed (1 tablet).
A flexible machine working with a minimum amount of powder:
Hand fill mode available for multilayer or tab in tab!
A small footprint for a multi-purpose all in one R&D tool with a perfect hygiene, ease of use and ease of cleaning for your clinical batches.

A platform which protects your investment

You can always upgrade the machine according to your needs and demands;
f.e. production research of multilayer and/or core tablets
A choice of different force feed shoes or tooling size (Euro, TSM etc)

Fully robotized mode

The STYL'One disposes of an automated research mode in which the design space is being scanned according to your previous definition - a truly time-and powder saving option.