High Efficiency Comil model U21


Quadro introduces a revolutionary approach to size reduction.

The new High Efficiency Comil U21 achieves what no other conical mill is capable of doing:

  • Unprecedented reduction in “unwanted fines” of 25% to +50%
  • Increase in capacity of 40 to 60% with the same footprint
  • Reduced heat generation
  • Standard CIP – with standard screens



FLEXSIFT has revolutionized the way pharmaceutical and food companies are sieving in-coming raw materials.

Want to save money? Try the FLEXSIFT on your premises with your own raw materials and calculate your savings.



Quadro F10 Fine Grind

Grind your powders within the 5 to 150 micron range. The particle size distribution (PSD) of powders ground by the F10 has a much tighter distribution than traditional technologies reducing waste and allowing more control over the repeatability and quality of the end product.

The F10 Fine Grind comes as a complete station (milling head, product feeder, control panel and a product collector)

Quadro FLEXSIFT – The Revolution is security screening

The FlexSift S series was designed for high-capacity in-line security screening and delumping applications. It’s all stainless steel design and cGMP fabrication makes it ideally suited to pharmaceutical and food applications. The design is as revolutionary to security screening technology as the Comil was to milling technology.