PCS D6A Bin To Bin With Containment Valve


Medelpharm now Exclusive agent for Fitzpatrick for France in Size reduction.

The Fitzpatrick Company is internationally recognized as a global leader in process technology and acting as one of the most renowned manufacturer of stainless steel, sanitary process equipment, used by the Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Food industry.


The FitzMill® Comminutor (known as Hammer Mill) , with more than 40 years in the market, and more than 20,000 units sold,  is recognized world-wide as a standard machine for a multitude of processes requiring controlled particle reduction.



Feedhopperscrrens Comminutor Fitzmill – hammer mill – particle sizing


FitzMill® – Solution for size reduction

The D6B Fitz Mill is ideal for use in continuous or batch production, research, and product development with a large variety of applications.

Typical applications are: coarse grinding and chopping of dry material, size reduction of wet material, de-lumping of agglomerated wet or dry material, pulverizing, solid blending, granulating compacted material, processing slurries and liquids, processing and conditioning wet and dry materials, pureeing and emulsifying.